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Welcome to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Israel

Read about our program and the people behind the scenes

About Us

Try to envision an image from your childhood
Who is standing by your side? Mom? Dad? An older brother or sister?
It is almost certain that someone was there for us when we were kids. But for thousands of kids the reality of that image is not as certain. Without a caring and supportive adult figure they are many times left to cope with life on their own. This uncertainty results in feelings of loneliness, a low sense of confidence and self esteem and the potential exposure to negative influences in their search for an adult role model.


You can make a change in their childhood memories
We will match you with a child in need of your guidance and support- to play together, to talk or to just hang out.
Over time, your presence and the bond that will evolve between the two of you, will make a significant difference in the child’s sense of self worth and in their lives in general. It will also change your own life. A meaningful and memorable experience awaits you…


Two hours a week, a lifetime in itself.
We believe that volunteer work should coincide with your life and schedule in order to enable you to wholeheartedly give back without giving something up in the long run. That is why the encounters take place weekly for two hours each time. The long term accumulated benefits will surprise you…


We are with you all the way
All through your Journey volunteering with us, we will be there for you, for every question or request.
Our support includes ongoing one-on-one guidance as well as group workshops and assistance alongside recreational activities. Our community of Big Brothers and Big Sisters will allow you to make the journey meaningful for you, as well as your Little Brother or Sister.


A few official words about us
The Big Brother Big Sister organization has been around for over 100 years worldwide. Tens of-thousands of children were matched with Big Brothers and Sisters who have helped them make a change in their lives. Although we all follow the same principles, no two matches are the same. You and your Little Brother or Sister will create your own special connection in your way.





Central District


Kfar Yona




Kfar Saba

Tel Aviv


Or Yehuda







  • •    1904The Big Brothers Big Sisters organization was established in the US
  • •    1970The International Big Brothers Big Sisters organization was established in the USA
  • •    1973Following the Yom Kippur War, a local Haifa organization called "Big Brothers Haifa" began providing mentoring services to children that became orphaned after the war
  • •    2003Social Worker Libby Reichman established Big Brothers Big Sisters of Israel
  • •    2013"Big Brothers Haifa" merged with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Israel into one national organization – a seldom seen occurrence in the non-profit world in Israel
  • •    2016Big Brothers Big Sisters of Israel provided services to 530 children through the dedicated care of 530 volunteers in 15 branches throughout Israel
  • •    2017A new year with new challenges. BBBS is aiming to expand and serve hundreds more Israeli children and teens in need of an adult volunteer mentor

Do you want to help a child change their life? A Little Brother or Sister is waiting for you

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Do you want to help a child change their life? A Little Brother or Sister is waiting for you

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Do you want to help a child change their life? A Little Brother or Sister is waiting for you

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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Israel is a non-profit organization working to benefit children in need of a supportive adult figure.
We are a branch of the Big Brothers Big Sisters International movement established in the U.S.A. over 100 years ago.
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Israel does not identify with any political, governmental or religious movement.
We are a non-profit organization
Our activity is made possible through three income channels:

  • i. Donations from private funds and individuals
  • ii. Local municipality and governmental support
  • iii. self income from fundraising activities

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Our partners

Our program is made possible through the people and organizations who donate their time and efforts towards our little brothers and sisters.

Business Sector

Public sector and government

Funds and private entities

  • Mr John Gandel AC and Mrs Pauline Gandel are proud Patrons of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Israel

Other sector

Academic institutions

The Team

Nati Kashi
Yael Yabes
Libby Reichman
Jerusalem Branch Manager
Daniel Aviram Mazar
Director of the Central region
Lotem Lofsky
Volunteer Coordinator
Omri Cohen
Director of the Northern region
Liran Goldman
Director of the South region

Executive Committee

Mr. Oded Agam BBBS Chairperson
Mr. Ofer Kam
Ms. Orly Gertyi-Sarusi
Mr. Nimrod Gevah
Mr. Jackie Amsalem
Ms. Tamar Cohen Amir
Mr. David Turchman
Ms. Efrat Agmon
Ms. Sigal Pruzenski
Ms. Hasida Danai

Main Office:
8 Sderot Yehudit st. Tel-Aviv 6701708
Phone: 03-744-8744
Email: info@bbbs.org.il

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