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Presence creates a positive change

Try to remember your childhood.

Who stood by your side? Your dad? Your mom? You’re older sibling? It was obvious that there would always be someone there for you when you were a child. But there are thousands of children who have a different reality. They have no responsible supporters, and they’re forced to face life alone. And the result? Feelings of loneliness, self-confidence issues, difficulty integrating into society, and exposure to negative models of living.

You have the chance to change their childhood-for the better.

We will connect you to a child who needs your guidance and support- whether it be through playing games, talking, or extracurricular activities.
Over time, your presence and the relationship that you will create with the participant will make a huge impact on the participant’s perspective on themselves and on their lives overall. It’ll also
impact your life. This unforgettable experience is waiting for you.

For two hours a week, their lives will feel normal.

We believe that volunteering should be part of your day-to-day, in order to allow you to be able to give it your full heart, and enjoy the experience. That’s why the meet-ups happen once a week, for two full hours. Their cumulative impact will surprise you, every time.

We’re always with you.

For the entire time that you volunteer here, we will guide you and be available to answer any of your questions or requests. This includes ongoing counseling, workshops and professional training, open communication with other volunteers and anything that will allow you to make the process meaningful for you and your “Little Brother or Sister.”

About the organization

The Big Brothers Big Sisters organization has been active worldwide for over 100 years. We have found tens of thousands of volunteers who make a difference in the lives of their “Little Brothers and Sisters.” Even though the organization runs in the same way all over the world, there are no two connections alike. You and your “Little” will create your own special relationship through the program.

Background information

The Jerusalem branch of Big Brothers Big Sisters was established in 2003 by social worker Libby Reichman, after she worked as a consultant for the Perach organization. Through her familiarity with the volunteer and mentorship world in Israel, Libby identified the need to establish a long-term mentorship program for children from single parent families, following the model presented by the international BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS OF AMERICA organization, www.bbbsi.org, which had been active for over 100 years already.
Libby reached out to BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS INTERNATIONAL, the umbrella organization for the program worldwide. She then established three different chapters of the organization, in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and the Gush Etzion Bloc. The organization was awarded the Mayor’s Prize in Jerusalem for outstanding volunteer work.
Libby served as the CEO of the organization until 2011.

Meet the team

Nati Kashi CEO
Yael Yabes Operation
Executive Comittee Executive Comittee
Daniel Aviram Mazar Director of the Central region
Lotem Lofsky Executive Committee
Executive Committee
Omri Cohen Director of the Northern region
Liran Goldman Director of the South region

What's new?

Scope of the activities
• 500 youths in 15 branches around the country have received stable and mature mentorship, providing them with life-changing guidance, and a stable relationship for life.
• In 2018, there were 53,000 recorded hours of mentoring.
• The average duration of an active relationship between “Bigs” and “Littles” is 2.7 years.
• There were three country-wide events organized by the umbrella organization; a Hannukah Party, a Purim Party, and a Summer event.
• There are 6-8 branch wide group activities and events each year.
Branch event examples: ice skating, windsurfing, chocolate making workshops, professional training, and more…
Important events
• Founder and director of “Big Brother Big Sister Israel,” Libby Reichman, voluntarily runs the Jerusalem branch.
• In 2018, Nati Kashi became the new CEO of the organization

New projects developed over the last few months:
• “Big Brothers Big Sisters of Israel” was chosen as the professional service provider for project "The Family Neglect Prevention Initiative" by the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Rashi Foundation.
• “Big Brothers Big Sisters of Israel” was selected as a professional service provider in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Rashi Foundation's “Inward Venture” project, for its work in providing support to children and families in need. They provide direction for the family without compromising the honor and integrity of the parties involved.
• We also expanded the target audience to young people, in line with the needs of the Ministry of Welfare. At the end of 2018, the association was selected as a professional supplier in another joint effort of the Ministry and the Rashi Foundation – “Yated project” that deals with young people at risk.

• A new program called “Alumot – Siblings of Children and Young People with Disabilities”, which handles an untreated population segment, has successfully piloted 5 cities across the country. The success of the program has led the Tel Aviv municipality to expand its participation and fund the project in 2019.
• “Big Brothers Big Sisters of Israel” was chosen to lead a project of mentorship for children with special needs.

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The oldest mentor program in the world

  • •    1904The “Big Brothers Big Sisters” organization is founded in the US.
  • •    1970The “Big Brothers Big Sisters International” is established.
  • •    1973After Yom Kippur, Haifa establishes a local organization called “Big Brothers Haifa,” which provides mentors for children who were orphaned during the war.
  • •    2003Social worker Libby Reichman founds “Big Brothers Big Sisters of Israel”.
  • •    2013“Big Brothers Haifa” and “Big Brothers Big Sisters of Israel” merge into one organization.
  • •    2016“Big Brothers Big Sisters of Israel” established 15 branches, and provides services to 530 kids around the country.
  • •    2017The organization expands, and provides services to hundreds more children around Israel who are eligible.

Our partners

Our program is made possible through the people and organizations who donate their time and efforts towards our little brothers and sisters.

Business Sector

Public sector and government

Funds and private entities

  • Mr John Gandel AC and Mrs Pauline Gandel are proud Patrons of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Israel

Other sector

Academic institutions

Executive Comittee

Mr. Oded Agam BBBS Chairperson
Mr. David Turchman
Mr. Nimrod Gevah
Mr. Ofer Kam
Ms. Efrat Agmon Executive Committee
Mr. Jackie Amsalem
Ms. Orly Gertyi-Sarusi
Ms. Sigal Pruzenski
Ms. Tamar Cohen Amir
Ms. Hasida Danai

Let's be clear...

The organization is a branch of the larger international “Big Brother Big Sister” program, which was established over 100 years ago. The program is non-governmental and apolitical, and has no connection to any specific religion.

The organization is not for profit.

Funding comes in three ways:

  • i. Private donations, both from Israeli organizations and international ones
  • ii. Governmental offices and local authorities
  • iii. Fundraising that the organization does

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