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Nati Kashi

You've come this far – so it's important that you know where your donation will go. It is important to note that we underwent significant streamlining processes in both broad and budgetary aspects this year. One of the immediate adjustments is a change in financial behavior. Why is it important for you to know this? So that you know that all of the association's funds are invested in professional training, mentorship and operational management of the association. During 2019, we supported diverse populations based on the needs of various government ministries.

We have broadened our target population to include children with disabilities, along with their siblings who may not receive proper support and attention because of the needs of their sibling. We also opened up two new branches – in Sderot and Dimona, and we continue to strengthen our already active branches. We will thank you for every donation. If you are interested in volunteering, please click the link on the right for more information.
Together, we can continue to mentor hundreds of children, improve their quality of life, and continue to accept new participants in need of support. If you are able to donate we ask that you do, for your donation will allow an additional child to fulfill his/her potential, and contribute to Israeli society. All donations to the nonprofit are recognized for tax deductions in Israel.

Thank you. We are available at all times to answer questions or to meet. Just reach out!

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It is possible to donate using Bank transfer to: Bank Hapoalim (12), Einstein Branch 778, Account number 472051

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You can make a change. We invite you to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Israel, and provide thousands of children in Israel with a supportive role model.
You can donate through any of the ways listed below. All of your donations are tax deductible, including donations from the US made through an agent who can present you with a tax exemption receipt.
We promise to make the most of your donation.

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