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Presence creates change

Imagine who they will be when they grow up - thanks to you!

About Us

"Big Brothers Big Sisters" is the oldest and largest organization in the world to mentor children who need the presence of a positive and stable adult character in their lives. The organization has been operating for over 115 years in 15 countries around the world and has a unique knowledge and reputation in the field of personal mentoring for children and youth. The "Big Brothers Big Sisters Israel" is the official branch of the organization in Israel, operating in 15 branches from Carmiel to Beer Sheva. Since 1973, it has provided thousands of children with a change inducing presence in the form of a Big Brother or Big Sister, who accompany them regularly and over time and become an integral part of their lives.

About Us  

Do you want to help a child change their life? A Little Brother or Sister is waiting for you

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Do you want to help a child change their life? A Little Brother or Sister is waiting for you

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Do you want to help a child change their life? A Little Brother or Sister is waiting for you

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180 New duos in - 2020
110 Kids waiting
for a Big Brother
2 Active hours
per week
550 Kids paird with a Big Brother in -2020
115 Years active
arcound the world
45 Years active in Israel
17 Braches in Israel
14 Branches around the world
Sahar & Firas

Sahar and Firas Each of us has their own inner melody. Sometimes we choose to share it with someone and sometimes to listen to someone elses. Get to know Sahar and Firas who play on our heartstrings

Sapir & Shaked

Sapir and Shaked On our birthday we usually prefer to be with family and friends who love us. Sapir, the Little Sister celebrated this happy day with Shaked, her Big Sister. We wish good luck to everyone who is celebrating a birthday soon.

Shira & Hallel

Shira and Hallel are sisters like any other. They run long distances together, and both are science enthusiasts. When Hillel got married, Shira came to the wedding because that's how a family works.

Omri & Sam

Omri's older brother, Sam, went abroad to visit his family, so Omri surprised him with a shirt. With a so-called holiday gift…

Yuval & Motti

The rain and the cold did not deter Yuval and Mutti. They dressed very warm and very red (really, really red, including the umbrella) to encourage Hapoel Tel Aviv in football. Here are the results: Two smiles and one very red selfie.

Nati & Yuval

Two hours a week, that's what it takes, our slogan says. But real life is neither a slogan on a website nor a volunteer recruitment campaign. When a Big Brother has been accompanying his Little Brother for four years, he is at every junction and every lane. And when Yuval finishes a track, Nati is waiting for him at the end.

Twice a week, a lifetime - Dalit Peretz's moving story

Main Office:
8 Sderot Yehudit st. Tel-Aviv 6701708
Phone: 03-744-8744
Email: info@bbbs.org.il

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