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  • The name of the future training
    A text explaining the future training
  • A social worker in Karmiel
    Job characteristics: Accompanying campers and staff at clubs in Karmiel. Home visits to the children participating in the clubs. There is great flexibility in the scope of the job, from 3 hours a week to 100% of the job. One working day in the afternoon is required. For details and CV: Alit 054-7954449
  • Coordinator of the youth club in Karmiel
    Job characteristics: Recruitment of boys and girls from schools. Transferring activities to club participants. Responsibility for budget management and building an activity schedule. Work with service buildings and nuclei. The work in the afternoon hours (20:00 - 17:00) 4 times a week. The ability to come twice a year to schools for recruiting purposes is required. Requirements: Connection for youth. Ability to transfer content. Ability to work independently. Working with procedures and reports. For details and CV: Alit 054-7954449
  • program manager
    Full time (with flexibility) Workplace: the association's offices (Tel Aviv) combined with field work. Has a bachelor's degree or higher. Experience of at least three years, in the management of multi-participant projects in the social fields. Experience in team management. Experience working in family discussion group procedures and/or in the field of mediation and/or in the field of community justice. Experience in programs for families with children and/or teenagers at risk. Advantage: training in mediation and/or conflict resolution. For details and CV: Alit 054-7954449
  • A volunteer is needed for help with computing
    We are looking for a dedicated, creative and skilled volunteer to join our team of volunteers in the field of computers. For us, technology is an important and central tool in our work and in our aim to serve the community. As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to make an impact by supporting technology projects that will improve the lives of the people we serve. For details you can send an email to
  • Volunteer for office work
    A volunteer is needed to help with routine office work at the association's offices, on Hamsgar Street in Tel Aviv. For details: Alit 054-7954449
  • Training workshop on the trainee's life relationships and their impact on mentoring
    In the workshop we presented the four life circles of the trainee and the mutual relationships he maintains in them. We discussed how they affect his daily life and how we as educators can help and integrate into them in a good and correct way. We taught what we can do in case the trainee/parent shared with us a bad experience the trainee went through, and we discussed the importance of our place as mentors in the trainee's life. To watch the recorded workshop in Zoom,
  • What do I do  if the child shares something that disturbs or worries me?
    We will explain this in detail during our training, but in such cases, immediately contact the branch coordinator who will help you both deal with it on a personal level and pass on the important information to the authorized person in the authorities.
  • I can't initiate, is it possible to help in another way?
    first of all thank you very much! You can help us in several ways. We would be very happy if you could like us on Facebook, tell your friends about volunteering and encourage them to volunteer with us. Of course, you can join the circle for good and circle for the benefit of the Israel Graduate Sisters Association (A.R.). Also, you can contribute to the programs of the Boger.T Sisters Association and thus help us increase the activity of the association and support more and more young brothers.
  • Can I "choose" my mentee?
    Yes and no.
  • Who refers the children to you? How do you know they really need a tutor?
    The children are referred to us by the social workers, or school counselors in the relevant cities, and through the various organizations we work with. We trust these factors and believe that every young brother referred by them needs us. Beyond that, we conduct a home visit in order to get to know the younger brother and his family, to make sure again that we are the right program for him.
  • I work full-time and want to combine volunteering with the association, is this possible?
    Probably! Volunteering at the Israel Graduate Brother Sister Graduate Association includes a two-hour weekly meeting at the Young Brother's House. We operate nationwide and try to hold the activity as close as possible to your area of residence. We invite you to give up two episodes on Netflix and come and influence a child's life.
  • Can anyone be a mentor?
    We are looking for Think you fit? Leave details and we will be in touch with you very soon, so that we can start the selection and training process. ​
  • How do I know what to do in meetings?
    Each volunteer program has a coordinator who accompanies the volunteer throughout the mentoring process. The coordinator will guide and allow you to express yourself. Mentorship is what the older brother and younger brother will make of it. We believe that personal mentoring is an opportunity to get to know new worlds and be exposed to areas of interest that you have not yet known about.

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