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A Little About Us

The Big Brothers Big Sisters of Israel (BBBS) accompanies and pairs volunteers - 'Big Brothers' (over the age of 18), to mentees - 'Little Brothers' in need of an older and supportive figure in their lives. Our Big Brothers meet with their Little Brothers for a two-hour session once a week (for a minimal period of one year), to be there for them: to talk, share, and sometimes even have fun

Our Programs

Join Us

We at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Israel continue to operate at all times, especially during crises. We are always there for our younger siblings, but we need your help to reach more children, adolescents, and young people who are waiting for us

Mentorship Stories

Tiran & Eyal

Each of us has their own inner melody. Sometimes we choose to share our melody with someone and come to listen to theirs. Meet Tiran and Eyal, who play for us on the strings of the heart

Daniel & Nathan

The rain and cold did not deter Daniel and Nathan. They dressed very warmly and very red (really, really red, including the umbrella) to support the Ha'Poel Tel Aviv soccer team. Here are the results: two smiles and one especially red selfie

David & Yuval

Yוval's older brother, David, went abroad to visit his family, so Yוval surprised him with a shirt. That's what you call a holiday gift...

Maya & Nofar

On our birthday, we usually prefer to be surrounded by family and friends who love us. Maya, the Younger Sister, celebrated this joyful day in the company of her Big Sister, Noa. We wish a happy birthday to everyone celebrating soon

Receiving a Mentor

With over 600 volunteer inquiries per year, we carefully select each individual so that our younger brothers and sisters will have the most suitable pairings. In order for us to handle your inquiry, this form needs to be filled out by a social worker or a school counselor and then securely sent to us.

Our Videos

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