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The-100 Program

The program has been operating since 2019 in cooperation with the Municipality of Tel Aviv, the Department of Social Services.

For this program, the "Big Brothers Big Sisters" mentoring model was adapted to suit the target population, and as part of it, we accompany dozens of children with disabilities and siblings to children with disabilities each year.

Gefen code number:  15493

The Importance of the Program

Children with disabilities may experience social and communication difficulties. Sometimes they will have difficulty understanding facial expressions, social or cultural cues, and will have difficulty with social relationships and building social relationships with their peers.

They may face social anxiety and be less relaxed in social environments.

We also provide solutions to brothers and sisters of children with disabilities, with the understanding that very often most emotional resources are directed towards the member of the family with the disability. We recognize a need for a mature, stable, inclusive and pleasant character who will give them the emotional, social and academic support they need.

Volunteers of The-100 program can have a huge positive impact on the lives of the children and their families. They can provide emotional, educational and social support, develop their social and communication skills, and give them positive and engaging life experiences. In addition, the volunteers can give children with disabilities a sense of value, help them feel understood and accepted and promote their level of self-esteem and independence, and in addition be part of their development process and contribute to improving their quality of life.

We are happy to announce that in 2023 we accompanied 70 more families and thus paired new couples within the framework of The-100 Program. We strive to further increase the number of beneficiaries of our program and reach more families and children in the coming years.

Galit and I meet on Sundays. At our last meeting we were drinking hot chocolate and Galit told me "Today they asked me at school what I want to be when I grow up and I told them I want to be a teacher, like you."

I was not ready for this at all, I was so excited - this sentence by Galit filled my heart.

Galit has a rare syndrome characterized by developmental delay and a diagnosis on the autistic spectrum, she is an amazing 11-year-old girl and the queen of the neighborhood - everyone knows and loves her, she smiles with her big blue eyes and says hello to acquaintances as well as new people, loves to start a conversation, dance, sing, walk with dogs and play.

It's been a year and a half since we first met: it started with trips to the Meir Park to play games and continued to occasional Friday dinners, birthdays and holidays. Galit is an inspiration to me, she paints the world for me with her natural joy, emphasizes to me the great pleasure in the simple things, and introduced me to her amazing and loving family - my second family, here in Tel Aviv. The volunteer work brought meaning to my Sundays and in general, I am thankful for the special connection that the association created and the privilege I have to be a part of Galit's life.

Dana. Big Sister mentor

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Become partners of a Big Brother and a Big Sister in Israel and help us make a difference in the lives of children, teenagers and young people all over the country

*All the photos on the page are real photos that were taken in happy moments between the older siblings and the younger siblings and were sent to us for various publications. In order to protect the privacy of the people photographed, we still decided to change their names and faces with the help of Ai software. The original images are saved in the system ;)

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