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Yated Program

Our mentoring program ("Yated"), which began in 2019, focuses on the young population in Israel

aged 18-26. This population is a unique population, with distinct needs and at a critical point in life, where it is possible to help them succeed in the challenges that characterize the transition from childhood to young adulthood - a combination of a meaningful military or civil service, employment, and higher education.


Young men and women in situations of distress and risk reach this age when they face large gaps that have accumulated throughout their lives, in aspects of education and learning, as well as in aspects of personal and emotional skills and abilities. These gaps may prevent them from fulfilling themselves to the full extent of their abilities and according to their personal inclinations.

The young adulthood period presents young people in general and young people in risk situations in particular, with many and complex challenges and a significant need for support, accompaniment and guidance in the process of searching for their adult identity and realizing their goals for the future.

Gefen code number:  15484

Program Goals

The presence of mentors, significant figures in the lives of these young people, is of enormous importance in their journey towards their adult lives. Our volunteers take care of the well-being of the young people and offer them guidance, advice, knowledge, support and encouragement so that they develop their abilities, skills and character.


The mentors meet physically or virtually with the young people they accompany once a week or once every two weeks for a period of at least eight months. Mentoring is a process of learning and development that requires active participation on the young person's part. He or she are supported by an increasingly complex and deep relationship with the volunteer who creates a strong and lasting emotional bond and closeness.

​The program stems from the belief that every young man and woman in Israel, regardless of their background, deserves the opportunity to successfully integrate into society, while growing personally and contributing to the community. In recent months, the youth program has grown and developed into group models as well, and we will update on this in the next report.

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