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Leaders of Change Program

Since 2020, we have been partners in the operation of the "Leaders of Change" program, an initiative by the Director of Settlement Education in the Ministry of Education, under the leadership of Dr. Jacob Malkamo. The program provides a unique response to students from the Ethiopian community by means of social integration, strengthening the relationship between the participants and their families, and understanding the culture and tradition of the Ethiopian community in Israel. The program operates in 25 boarding schools and youth villages, and within its framework, 696 children and youth are accompanied by 6 staff members.

The transition of Ethiopian Jews from their familiar world to a different, modern and pluralistic society caused, and still causes, embarrassment and confusion in  various areas of life in general and in the family area in particular, due to the significant differences between the two cultures. This is reflected mainly in the relationship between the family, the parents and the children. The authority of the parents is often undermined, the status of the parent is weakened whereas the status of the child strengthened, and this change results in conflicts and misunderstandings between parents and children, mainly within the general educational system and the internal educational system.

The relationship between the boarding school and the student's family has occupied the Israeli education system for a long time. Within families of Ethiopian origin, this issue is particularly powerful due the former existence of a cultural gap, the immigration crisis and the adaptation to the new country, its patterns and culture.

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