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Additional Activities

Computers Project

The goal of the project is to provide computers to over 80 children. This is so that despite the war around them and the associated pressures, they can experience moments of fun and relaxation, alleviate worries, maintain social connections and adhere to a learning routine.

During wartime, news broadcasts on television are typically left on for long hours by default. Children are limited in their ability to socialize with friends for safety reasons, and in many areas school days are conducted only online. Without social or educational frameworks, television becomes the main source of entertainment, with no option to disconnect. Prolonged exposure to news, especially harsh graphic content, generates anxiety among children and adolescents and may have long-term psychological effects.

We aim to provide computers through which children can disconnect from news updates and immerse themselves in a world of colorful, playful social games, which will alleviate their emotional state in both the short and long term.

Thanks to the "Give Back" association for the donation of the computers and for their cooperation!

"Blue and White Victory"

Evicted Children from the war zone in the South of Israel, flown to European Championship preliminaries

This significant initiative, in which we were excited to participate, brought a ray of joy and relief to the lives of 300 children and adolescents evacuated from Southern Israel. These children witnessed the horrors of war firsthand and experienced traumas that no-one, regardless of their age, should ever endure. These children urgently needed a getaway from the harsh and traumatic reality of prolonged warfare.

On November 15th, we flew the children for an experiential trip to Hungary. The children attended Israel's national football team match in the European Championship qualifiers and even met the players personally. During the trip they also had a surprising visit from Noa Kirel, a beloved pop singer in Israel.

The excitement was immense, and at the end of the trip, we received many touching messages from the program participants and their parents. The project was founded in collaboration with the Football Association, leading athletes, El Al Israeli Airways, the Jewish Agency, and other partners.

We invite you to read more about it in the following links:

Supporting Our Soldiers

Like all of Israel, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Israel entered a different reality on October 7th. The cruel acts of terrorism in the southern regions and the heavy rockets attacks across the country shook our world.

The sudden outbreak of war and its scale led to a shortage of equipment for many soldiers. In order to assist the two army battalions in the north and south, we raised funds, purchased, and distributed emergency equipment worth hundreds of thousands of shekels. The initiative was designed to aid thousands of IDF soldiers and ensure their safety.

Refugee Outreach

Program for providing educational, social and emotional support for ukranian children refugees 

The "Tzav Hasha'a" initiative is a humanitarian assistance center led by the Ministry of Welfare and Social Services, in collaboration with the Israeli Council for Volunteering. The center provides support to children and adolescents who have fled their homeland due to the war and arrived in Israel. Many of the refugees from Ukraine are children aged 6-18 who attend schools across the country. These children have been uprooted from their homeland, leaving behind everything they knew, not knowing when they will be able to return to their normal lives. The goal of the program is to provide them with social and emotional continuous support.

Following the Israeli Council for Volunteering's outreach, which coordinates assistance from civil organizations, we, at the Association of big Brother Big Sister Israel, have provided these children with the support they need in our own way. This is based on our core program model: Brother and Sister Graduates, who speak their language and understand their culture.

The program offers personalized, long-term support in the form of personal mentoring and individual and group social activities for participants.

Distribution of Mishlochey Manot to the Elderly

We're excited to share with you the exciting Purim activity we did in Or Yehuda. During the holiday, we collaborated with the Or Yehuda Municipality, where first-grade classes in the city prepared Mishloach Manot packages for the elderly. Our pairs in the association came to collect the packages and distributed them to the seniors. The activity was so moving, and both the pairs and the seniors who received the packages were happy and satisfied.

Purim Event

To celebrate Purim, we held a national event for all our pairs across the country. The event took place at the Tel Aviv University School of Music and was filled with enjoyable activities, delicious food and a raffle with valuable prizes. We were delighted to see all our pairs in special and elaborate costumes, with smiles from ear to ear. It was definitely a successful and enjoyable event for all of us.

Thanks to the School of Music for the pleasant hospitality, and special thanks to Dr. Uri Rom, the head of the School of Music, to Daniel Ring who organized the event, and to Yuval Yakir who conducted the percussion workshop that was interesting and captivating.

A race in memory of Ofer Kam

In April 2023, an event was held to mark our 20th anniversary. As part of the event, we organized a run in memory of Ofir Kam, may he rest in peace, a dear member of the association from 2016 until his passing in 2022. The run was open to volunteers, young and adult siblings, association members, and Ofir's family. There were two routes in the run: a 10 km route and a route tailored for children with disabilities. After the run, we  awarded the traditional certificates in Ofir Kam's memory to our volunteers.

The Outstanding Volunteer Award

We were excited to award the annual Outstanding Volunteer Award to those who truly went above and beyond. During the ceremony, we presented certificates of appreciation to the outstanding volunteers for their significant contributions, which allow us to continue to grow and do good.

The ceremony is not just an opportunity to express our appreciation for the volunteers, but also a chance to celebrate the heart of the organization - the special bond formed between the Big and Younger Brothers and Sisters. Pairs from across the country enjoyed a variety of activities, activity booths, refreshments, and had the chance to meet familiar and new faces participating in the organization's activities.

As we empower and appreciate the volunteers, we also remind ourselves and others of the importance of the good that can be done in the world around us.

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