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Welcome to Connect, where young people can improve their self-confidence by acquiring a second language. Our programs are designed to encourage creativity, curiosity and are full of opportunities to make mistakes and learn from them.

Gefen code number:  18865

The Program Goals

We believe in project-based learning and in the move from passive to active learning. Our programs therefore focus on learning that encourages students to apply what they have learned in a practical and creative environment.

We encourage our students to explore their passions, and let them make mistakes and learn from them, building self-confidence along the way.

The initiator of the program, Koren Maor, believes that "acquiring a second language by learning vocabulary and grammar without speaking the language is like learning to play basketball by watching videos of Michael Jordan, without ever throwing the ball in the basket -

Simply impossible!"

Our Programs

Our programs focus on actively involving students in acquiring a new language, rather than just memorizing vocabulary and grammar rules. In each of the programs, the group meets once a week for a ninety-minute session, during which the trainees work on their own creation/project.

The program's highlight is a presentation, where the trainees present what they have been working on for the past months. Our programs focus on learning that encourages students to apply what they have learned in a practical and creative environment.

We offer language study groups in English, Arabic, Spanish and more, according to demand. Our programs are designed to help students achieve success from day one, and we believe that language is not only a tool for improving self-confidence but includes a wide range of benefits such as: improving social skills, social tolerance, cognitive advantages, gaining new perspectives and getting to know other cultures.

Three month course

Our shorter program is three months long, and includes 12 sessions.

Annual plan

For a period of ten months, throughout the school year, including three chapters, each on a different topic.

Join Us

Become partners of a Big Brother and a Big Sister in Israel and help us make a difference in the lives of children, teenagers and young people all over the country

Koren Maor

Founder and director of the CONNECT program

An entrepreneur and mentor to teenagers, students and graduates at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey. Speaks five languages.

*All the photos on the page are real photos taken during a lesson in the CONNECT program, with the consent of the students. In order to protect the privacy of the people photographed, we decided to change their faces with the help of Ai software. The original images are saved in the system ;)

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