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A Bit of History

The first pairing took place in 1973. Following the Yom Kippur War, the "Big Brothers" association worked to provide a focused emotional and social response to children who lost a parent in the war. In 2003, the association "Big Brothers Big Sisters of Israel (AR)" was established, and merged in 2013 with "Big Brothers" and adopted its activities. Over the years, the association has developed and recognized the diverse needs of many children, teenagers and young people - while striving to adapt. Every child has the support he needs.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Timeline


Celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the association, a new collaboration with the Jewish Agency and the IDF Widows and Orphans Organization, mobilization for the war: distribution of computers to evacuated children and teenagers and distance learners, fundraising and equipment for regular and reserve soldiers, participation in the "Blue-White Victory" project in which Children and youth from Gaza were flown to the Israeli soccer team's matches in Hungary.


Running Youth Clubs in Karmiel


Cooperation with the Ministry of Education: establishment and operation of a personal development and social involvement program in high schools


Doubling the number of beneficiaries of the Yated program, establishing the "Reading Buddies" program following the COVID-19 epidemic, establishing "Leaders of Change" program


A new program "Alomot - Brothers for Children and Youth with Disabilities" has undergone a successful pilot in 5 cities throughout the country. The success of the program led the Tel Aviv Municipality to expand its participation and finance the project in 2019. In addition, the association was selected as a successful bidder in a tender of the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Rashi Foundation - the "Yated Project" which targets children, teenagers and young people at risk. The project started operating at the beginning of 2019


New year - new challenges: working on expanding our activities and providing service to hundreds more children who need it throughout Israel


Big Brothers Big Sisters of Israel has 15 branches


"Big Brothers of Haifa" and "Big Brothers Big Sisters of Israel" are merging their activities - a rare move that has only happened a few times in Israel's NGO sector


The "Big Brothers Big Sisters of Israel" was founded


International Big Brothers Big Sisters organization founded in the USA


After the Yom Kippur war, a local association called "Achim Bogarim Haifa" is established in Haifa, which provides Big Brothers to children who were orphaned as a result of the war


Establishment of "Big Brothers Big Sisters" in the USA

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