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Leadership Program

In recent years, following the COVID-19 epidemic and the "Iron Swords" war that plagued the country, it is evident that among the students of the various schools there has been a decrease in social motivation, and there are social and emotional gaps that need to be reduced, as a result of continued uncertainty and social distancing.

The "Youth Leadership" program is committed to providing a social and emotional response to the students of the schools, and to provide them with tools to build their personal confidence.

The participants in the program are accompanied on a weekly basis by a coordinator, who gives them leadership and social tools, and with the help of these tools they become a new generation of "Big Brothers and Big Sisters". The program connects high school and upper elementary school students, with participants of lower elementary classes who become "young brothers and sisters", and to whom the mentors become a positive and meaningful figures.

We look forward to seeing the Big Brothers and Big Sisters who acquire leadership tools contribute to society, and to continue to do so even after the graduating from the program. This is how we contribute our part in creating a strong and solid youth volunteer community.

Gefen code number:  15563

The program includes weekly sessions divided into two parts:

Preparation sessions

The mentors will meet with the group instructor for an opening session and introductory activity, so that we can get to know them in the best possible way. The participating mentors will go through a training program that will provide them with tools to deal with dilemmas and problems that arise from the mentoring process, as well as going over the activities they will share with the children.

The mentoring meeting

All the participants of the program (mentors and trainees) will meet for a mentoring session on reading in general and on children's literature in particular. The mentors and trainees will go through lessons prepared in advance by the association.
The pairs will meet once a week for regular one-hour long sessions, in a designated classroom within the elementary school. The group coordinator will be present throughout the duration of the activity and will respond to difficulties and challenges arising from the activity, as well as provide feedback to the mentors at the end of the activity.

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