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הגשת מועמדות

After filling out the form, our professional team will contact you within a week for more information.

You can also contact us by email or by phone at 03-7448744

Purple Podiums


Job description:
- Escorting campers and staff at clubs in Karmiel.
- Home visits to the children participating in the clubs.

There is great flexibility in the scope of the job, from 3 hours a week to 100% of the job.
One working day in the afternoon is required.

Social Worker

Providing help with routine office work at the association's offices on Hamsgar Street in Tel Aviv.

Volunteer for an administrative position

- Recruitment of boys and girls from schools.
- Transferring activities to the club participants.
- - Responsibility for budget management and building an activity schedule.
- Work with service buildings and cores.
The work is in the afternoon hours (20:00 - 17:00) 4 times a week, and the ability to arrive twice a year to schools for recruiting purposes is required.
- Connection to youth
- Ability to transfer content
- Ability to work independently
- Working with procedures and reports

Coordinator of the youth club in Karmiel

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